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Morning Poster Presentations

Characterization of a Triassic Presalt System Between the Eastern Cordillera and the Andean-Amazonian Foreland of Peru and Brazil
E. Carrillo*
Play Concepts and Play Based Exploration Applied to Colombia Caribbean Basin
V. Ramirez*, J. Ramon, F. Combita, A. Lozano, L. Moreno, A. Fuenzalida, M. Cerón
Where are the Reservoirs in the Colombian Caribbean Margin? Insights from Seismic Attributes
R. Aguilera*
Paraná Basin (Brazil) - sills concentration and their influence on the petroleum system
A. Raphael Lima*, M. Souza, C. Domingues Teixeira, F. Chemale Jr
Microthermometry of carbonate rocks of Hondita-Loma Gorda formations, Cueva del Tigre sector, municipality of Yaguará- Huila, Colombia
I. Muñoz Quijano*, D. Loaiza, C. Quevedo, C. Lozano
Geo-Steering Enhanced With Real-Time 3D Numerical Simulation Productivity Forecasting to De-Risk Horizontal Drilling of Interbedded Sandstone Reservoir With Complex Structural Geology
M. Lavin*, I. Hernandez, Y. Vasquez, D. Solohaga, D. Ghosal
Multiscale Analysis of Fractures on Plutonic Rocks Affected by Thrust Fault in the Eastern Flank of Central Cordillera: an Outcrop Analogue of a Naturally Fractured Basement Reservoir.
M. Rodríguez-Cuevas*, J. Valencia-Gómez, A. Cardona, T. Miranda, S. Zapata, A. Siachoque, S. Ramirez, G. Monsalve
Mostardas Low (Pelotas Basin, South America) - An example of a graben evolution and infilling in passive margins of the South Atlantic Ocean
S. Ramos*, M. Vargas, C. Domingues Teixeira, H. Serratt, M. Souza, T. Girelli, G. Oliveira, F. Chemale Jr
Unconfined Compressive Strength and Elastic Anisotropy of a Tectonically Deformed Calcareous Shale, Santiago Formation, Mexico
J. Jiménez-Camargo, M. Cerca*, D. Carreón-Freyre
Artificial Intelligence Technology Applied to Petroleum System Resource Assessment of the Undrilled Ultra-Deepwater Guajira Basin, Colombia
C. Beisl*, M. Rocha Mello
Assisted interpretation of core images with Deep Learning workflows: application to deep-water deposits of the Corinth rift (Greece)
S. Rohais*, A. LECHEVALLIER, A. Bouziat, S. Desroziers

Afternoon Poster Presentations

Quantitative evaluation of the pore structure of tight sandstone reservoirs and implications for the genesis of reservoir inhomogeneity
C. Zhang*
Finding New Opportunities in a Forgotten Field Through 3D Seismic Interpretation: San Luis Field - Middle Magdalena Valley- Colombia
N. Rojas*
Modelling Hydrocarbon Expulsion, Migration and Timing in The Corozal Basin of Northern Belize
A. Jones- Middleton*, T. Garcia- Fitzpatrick, M. Longman, D. Waples, H. Kemna, R. Thompson, C. Moore
Gravitational Tectonics Evolution of the Rio Grande Submarine Fan, Pelotas Basin - South America
G. Oliveira*, M. Vargas, H. Serratt, C. Domingues Teixeira, M. Cassel, M. Souza, T. Girelli, S. Ramos, F. Chemale Jr
Reservoir Breaching: Knowing the Threats to Assess a New Prospect
S. Montoya Osorio*, J. Alzate, L. Figuera
Revisiting Structural Settings of Shushufindi Asset and their Important Role in the Development of this a Mature Field in Oriente Basin, Ecuador
A. Acevedo*, J. Navarrete, J. Bolanos, C. Lopez, M. Barzallo, O. Morales, J. Vega, W. Sepulveda, G. Soria, J. Bustos, O. Ponce
Geometry and evolution of the Casabe Fault in the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia.
M. Vargas*, P. Galindo
Structural and kinematic model of the Ene basin in the Peruvian Sub-Andean
E. Rocha, N. Hernandez*, R. Vargas Oviedo, M. Novara, M. Vergara, H. Kim, E. Zunino
The Role of the Cimitarra Fault and the influence of the basement highs in the configuration of the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia. Implications for under-explored opportunities.
L. Duerto*, J. Acosta, L. Duarte, F. Santamaria, S. Anaya, D. Garcia, I. Higuera
The role of thick vs thin skin tectonics in the Medina basin, Eastern Cordillera, Colombia.
J. Arias*, J. Castellanos, E. Teson, D. Bello-Palacios
Leveraging Subsurface Knowledge and Exploration Methodologies Towards the Energy Transition
A. Ortiz-Karpf*, E. Lopez-Ramos, C. Cardozo, L. Suarez, C. Patiño
Societal Preparedness to Volcanic Activity: Opportunities and Challenges Highlighted by the Geosciences Sustainability Atlas
M. Capello*, H. Handley
Hydrogeochemical Characterization of the Southern Cauca River and Possible External Pollutants.
M. Soto Marín*, F. Gonzalez-Penagos
Hydrocarbon to Heat: Evaluating Geothermal Potential in Existing O&G Assets
I. Palacios*, G. Chacon, M. Hurtado
Neogene Aquifers of the Middle Magdalena Valley: A new frontier for the use of “non-potable” water resources in the development of conventional and unconventional reservoirs
F. Cardona*, J. Sachica, M. Segovia, J. Martinez