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Morning Poster Presentations

Mass-transport complexes in the Sureste basin, offshore Mexico: Seismic expression and implications for exploration and drilling hazards
J. Hernandez*, C. Rodriguez
One Team to Deliver the T&T Growth Dream (Learnings from a Trinidad Near Field Exploration Campaign)
R. Ameerali*, A. Ramroopsingh, G. Kokoram, T. Gan, S. Ogeerali, R. Ramnath
Accelerated Field Development Plan – AFDP
L. Mendoza*, P. Ramirez, O. Quintero, A. Villarroel
Integration of geophysical data in imaging subsurface geology of Torres Arch in the Pelotas Basin, Southern Brazil
C. Domingues Teixeira*, H. Serratt, T. Girelli, L. Mallmann, F. Chemale Jr
Solving Complex Overthrust Features Using Magnetotelluric, Seismic, Geological Surface and Wells Data Integration: Case Study in Igüembe Anticline, Bolivian South Sub-Andean.
Á. Sanchez*, A. Goncalves, E. Lázaro, J. Soria Galvarro
Structure and Geometry of the Pelotas Basin (onshore), Southern Brazil and Uruguay, from magnetotelluric imaging
A. Menezes*, F. Chemale Jr, P. Lugão
Reducing Exploration Uncertainty by Unravelling Seismic Velocities and Statics
J. Olaya*, T. MacArthur, R. Vestrum, A. Gallo
La Creciente Block, Lower Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia: Fluid Factor Attribute, a Predictor Tool for Gas Bearing Intervals in a Near Field Exploration Case
M. Di Luca*, F. Torres, A. Bolaños, G. Bertorelli
Seismic facies analysis and depositional interpretation applied in a pre-salt carbonate field, Brazil
W. Araujo*, M. Pinheiro da Silva
Sinu and San Jacinto Basins, Recent Advances that Could Make this Area the Next Supplier of O&G Discoveries in Colombia
K. Rodriguez*, A. Mesa
Fault Shadow Zone Mitigation via PSDM Imaging – Entrerrios, Llanos Basin, Colombia
D. Negut*, G. Cotra, A. Negut*, T. Salinas, C. Duran, J. Araujo, R. Guatame, G. Alvarez
Prediction method of braided fluvial facies reservoir based on PR probability fusion model and multi-point geostatistics
K. Qiangqiang*, H. Jiagen, L. Yuming
Artificial Intelligence Approach to Predict Mineralogy of Shales: An Example from Qusaiba Shale, Rub' al Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia
A. Mustafa*, Z. Tariq, A. Abdulraheem, M. Mahmoud, M. Abouelresh
Use of Neural Networks in the Calculation of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Through the Relationship of Gamma Ray and Sonic Well Logs - A Case Study of the Pimenteiras Formation, Parnaíba Basin
C. Faustino Soares*
The influence of physical, biological, and diagenetic processes on pore networks characteristics: Analysis of organic-rich mudstones of the Duvernay Formation, Canada.
H. Galvis*, P. Pedersen
Fine-Scale Lamination/Bedding, an Important Factor that Improve Hydrocarbon Productivity In Unconventional Reservoirs. A Case Study from The Woodford Shale, OK.
C. Molinares-Blanco*, D. Becerra, H. Galvis

Afternoon Poster Presentations

Quantification of Reservoir Rock Properties (Porosity, Permeability and Vshale) in the Reservoir Rock Units of South Lake Albert Basin, Albertine Rift, Western Uganda.
W. Tumushabe*
Comparing interpolation algorithms in hypothetical fluvial scenarios
H. Campos, P. Ataniya*, M. Armisen
Modern beach sediments characterization as a proxy for evaluating quality of Neogene reservoirs in offshore frontier basins of Colombia.
V. Ramirez*, J. Jaramillo, M. Ramirez*, C. Dongo, G. Moreno, P. Ordoñez, A. Vásquez, F. Molina, J. Delgado, D. Figueredo
Paleo-valley Identification in a Glacio-Fluvial Depositional
S. Zhang*, T. Almahamidh, A. Li
Prediction method of vuggy carbonate reservoir based on PR probability fusion model and genetic control
K. Qiangqiang*, H. Jiagen, L. Yuming
Time-Lapse Seismic Acquisition: A Critique of Successes, Challenges and Future Prospects for Petroleum Operations
B. Bassey*
Depth Domain Seismic Interpretation Workflows an Applied Case for Structural Modelling: Caipal – Palagua Field, MMV, Colombia
M. Pachon*, J. Calderon
Detection of oil spill by satellite images, case study: LISAMA-158
S. Vergel Navarro, C. Herrera Quintero*, V. Moreno, J. Santos, S. Gamarra
Preparation of graphenic material filters for reducing pollution in industrial waters and wastewater: a case in Colombia (Phase I)
T. Juliao Lemus*, M. Segovia, J. Sachica, P. Alvarez, M. Granda
Enhanced weathering and carbon mineralization. A cheap, environmentally friendly and economically profitable carbon removal solution to mitigate global warming under a circular economy approach.
J. Silva-Tamayo*, W. Rondon
Nano-RPM technology for source water control.
J. Cárdenas*, R. Torres, C. Cáceres, I. Valdivieso
Corrosion Inhibitors and Lubricants Characterization using The Rock-Eval® Shale PlayTM Method: Case Studies to Determine the Origin of Geothermal Scales
M. Romero-Sarmiento*, H. Ravelojaona, N. Maubec
Technical and Sustainable Waterflooding Solutions in a Mature Oilfield: Water Source Wells and Dumpflooding Solutions
N. Vasconez*, A. Meneses