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Morning Oral Presentations

Integrated Basin Analysis and Play Fairway Evaluation of the Llanos Orientales Basin, Colombia
J. Ramon*, A. PABLOS, C. Mora, A. Fuenzalida, Y. Ramirez, S. RENGIFO, M. MURILLO, M. Cerón
New Exploratory Vision of the Cretaceous Sequence in the Platform of the Llanos Orientales Basin, Colombia
E. Kairuz*, J. Jaramillo, R. Arismendy, M. Daroca, S. López, F. Cordoba, J. Garrido, L. Rojas, J. Peña
Lessons from the Corrales and Bolivar oil fields, exploring the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia.
S. Medina Díaz*, T. Villamil, S. Santodomingo, J. Ospina, A. De la hoz
Rethinking the depositional profile for Late Cretaceous in NW south America; implications for exploration in conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons.
G. Bayona*, C. Montes, A. Cardona, S. Zapata
Process Stratigraphy: Key to Unlocking the Depositional Architecture of the Guyana-Suriname Basin
C. Meirovitz*, M. Long
Basinwide Traceability of a Transgressive Systems Tract: the mid Vivian (Cretaceous) in the Marañón basin, Peru
O. Lopez-Gamundi*, C. Lopez-Gamundi*
Tectono-Stratigraphy of the Flamencos Discovery by Ecopetrol, Middle Magdalena Basin of Colombia
I. Iregui*, L. Maya, I. Higuera, L. Figuera, G. Rondon, S. Urrego
Predicting the heterogeneity in deepwater fans: integrating insights from outcrops, subsurface, and computational analogs
F. Laugier*, A. Downard, R. Wilson, M. Stearman, T. Sun, A. Harris
Genesis of “Bentonites” in the Upper Cretaceous of Colombia
G. Bonilla*, D. Garcia, J. Palacios, C. Valencia, L. Redondo, J. Luque, A. Beltran-Triviño, M. Paez-Reyes
Modelling and Characterization of Facies Using MPS: Caipal – Palagua Field, MMV, Colombia
M. Pachon*, C. Osorio, E. Gallardo, E. Pineda, R. Aguire, C. Larriestra, J. Porras, M. Mallaviabarrena, H. Verdur
Virtual Field Trips with Remote Collaboration as a Better Way to Communicate and Understand Geological Processes
C. Ruiz-Graham*
Three-dimensional Reconstruction of the Evolution and Infill of the Pliocene to early Pleistocene Tubará-Juan de Acosta Syncline, Northern San Jacinto fold belt, NW Colombia.
J. Mora Bohórquez*, L. Santamaría, C. Gómez, R. Ramírez, M. Ibáñez-Mejía, G. Patarroyo, M. Rueda, G. Veloza, M. Cerón
Update on the Paleogene Water-Level Drawdown Hypothesis, Gulf of Mexico
S. Cossey*, J. Rosenfeld, M. Bitter, J. Pindell
Influence of temperature, depositional environment and oil properties in hydrocarbon heterogeneity saturation: the Socha Formation in Buenavista block, Eastern Cordillera, Colombia.
A. De la hoz*, T. Villamil, O. Leal, J. Ospina, S. Medina Díaz
Linking the geomorphology and stratigraphic record of three types of submarine canyons along a convergent tectonic margin. The Southern Caribbean of Colombia
J. Naranjo-Vesga*, J. Paniagua-Arroyave, A. Ortiz-Karpf, L. Wood, Z. Jobe, P. Galindo, L. Shumaker, D. Mateus
The largest unexplored Cretaceous and Tertiary delta – Pelotas Basin, Brazil
N. Hodgson*, K. Rodriguez
Paraguay Carandayty Sub-Basin Regional Geology and its Hydrocarbon Potential
J. Angulo*, R. Gonzalez, D. Timoteo, I. De Barros, G. Franco
Unravelling the Gigantic Oil Potential of the Brazilian Coast beyond the pre-salt play
E. Petersohn*
Exploratory Potential of the Equatorial Brazilian Basins: The Barreirinhas basin case
J. Mondragon Castillo*, I. Rodriguez, L. Barros, G. Rondon, M. Suarez, M. Serrano
Ultra-Deep Exploration Potential in Sergipe Basin, Brazil
Y. Balabekov*, J. Cramer
Libra Beyond the Mero Field: Geologic and Stratigraphic Aspects, Santos Basin – Brazilian Pre-Salt Province
M. Arnemann, E. Petersohn*, R. Morelatto, J. Vital
Roncador Strategic Partnership - Implementing the IOR business model in Brazil
H. Araujo Cotrim*, D. Kjønsvik
First Airborne Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry for Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Llanos Foothills, Colombia.
L. Barros, F. Santamaria*, A. Aparicio, E. Teson, M. Patino, J. Rico, S. Ibanez, L. Figuera
Using Seismic Attributes and Wells Data in a 3D Reservoir Characterization of a Mature Heavy Oil Field for Optimal Horizontal Wells Placement; Llanos Basin, Colombia.
L. Castillo*, A. Dasilva, B. Villacres, N. QUINTERO, C. MORALES
Quantitative Interpretation: Applications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Deepwater Offshore Colombia
E. Maili*
Enhanced Reservoir Quality Prediction Based on Seismic Inversion and Rock Physics Analysis in a Deep Llanos Field - Colombia
B. Villacres*, A. Dasilva, M. Di Luca, L. Castillo
Integrating time preserving tomography and geological modelling for accurate updates of velocity model in complex Colombian foothills
F. Vivas*, S. Ibanez, L. Medina, E. Menyoli, D. Garcia, E. Estevez, C. Becerra
Subsurface H2 Storage: The Role of Understanding Salt Dome Caprocks
L. Moscardelli*, O. Duffy, J. Zhang, J. Andrews, M. Shuster
Can native hydrogen become the new extractive industry for the 21st century?
G. Zamora*, R. Loma, A. Martin Monge, A. Vayssaire, M. Masini, A. Olaiz
Natural hydrogen superficial emissions in a Brazilian craton. A quantitave assessement
I. C. Moretti*, A. Prinzhofer, J. Françolin
Medium Enthalpy Caloric Risk Assessment in Une Formation of the Llanos Basin - Colombia
E. Lopez-Ramos, C. Patiño, F. Gonzalez-Penagos*, A. LOPEZ
Seismic Reservoir Characterization to De-Risk Geothermal Play in Denmark
E. Dalgaard, A. Gordon*, K. Bredesen, A. Mathiesen, N. Balling, R. Cova
Creating a Sustainability Atlas for Geosciences
M. Capello*, E. Caslin, I. Stewart, M. Winsten, L. Wouters, D. Cox, H. Handley, A. Shaughnessy, E. Atekwana
How Geoscience Educational Programs to Increase Confidence in the Relationship Between Society and O&G Industry: ACGGP Study Case in Colombia
L. Becerra Silva*, L. Cárdenas Ramírez, V. Henríquez Avilez, F. Rodríguez Portillo
Energy Transition: Cognitive Bias and Scientific Reductionism (Faith, Facts and Fake News)
J. Londoño*
Geoscientists are Fundamental to the Energy Challenge
M. Brouwers*

Afternoon Oral Presentations

A New Exploratory Concept Along the Castilla Field Trend: Paleocene Incised Valleys of the T2 Reservoir
L. Quiroz*, Y. Estevez, J. Ortiz Quiros, E. Torres, J. Gelvez, O. Sanchez, J. Martinez
Aguas Vivas Field – A Significant New Gas Discovery Hidden for Over 70 Years of Exploration History in the Lower Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia.
P. Gavotti*, R. Aquilini, A. Willis, N. Ganguly, L. Rodriguez, S. Johnston, M. Teare, A. Juan
Where is the reservoir? Challenging the geological uncertainty in the new era of exploration of Colombian Llanos Foothills
P. Castano Giraldo*, Y. Ramirez Castro, L. Soto, M. Perdomo, J. Alzate, G. Rodriguez, E. Caballero, A. Gonzalez, D. Millan
The Miocene Porquero Formation in the Lower Magdalena Valley basin of NW Colombia: from bypassed pay to four producing gas fields in 5 years.
L. Rodriguez*, A. Willis, N. Ganguly, S. Hiebert, S. Johnston, P. Gavotti, M. Teare, A. Juan
The BSR Black Swan Effect
K. Rodriguez*, N. Hodgson, J. Davies
Pre-salt Petroleum Systems of the Campos and Santos Basins, Offshore Brazil: The Challenge of Predicting Fluid Phase
C. Solla-Hach, L. Drehmer*, T. Leith, S. Hinsken, G. D. Dale, R. Krigsvoll, W. Wright
Peru Unexplored Onshore and Offshore Petroleum Systems
N. Hodgson*, K. Rodriguez, J. Davies, L. Found, D. Uyen
The utilization of high-resolution Petroleum Systems Modelling to characterize seafloor seepage systems – the Vestnesa Ridge case.
M. Daszinnies*, A. Plaza-Faverola, Ø. Sylta, S. Bünz, R. Mattingsdal, A. Tømmerås, J. Knies
Prospects Assessment in Compressive Area: Example from the Bolivian Sub Andean Zone.
F. Schneider*, L. Constantini, S. Rousse, R. Giraudo
Reservoir Fluid Prediction Methodology in Petroleum System Modeling by Calibration Based on PVT Data, Foothills and Llanos Foreland Basin in Colombia
E. Taborda, F. Gonzalez-Penagos*, L. Montilla, W. Ramírez, R. Osorio
Reservoir allocation of commingled production in the Chipiron field, Colombia using a cost-efficient alternative to production logging
M. McCaffrey*, A. Páez, M. Kleber, F. Grajales, A. Solano, B. Duran, Y. Ramirez, J. Dahl
Real Time Surveillance: An Eagle Eye View from Subsurface To the Office
S. Montoya Osorio*, J. Alzate
The Permian Reef of West Texas and New Mexico: Ocean Stratification Provides Scaffolding, Internal Waves Provide Mixing for Carbonate and Organic Productivity
D. Jeffery*
Production Optimization using Oil and Water Geochemical Fingerprinting
J. Adams*, T. Ruble, M. Flannery, M. McCaffrey, C. Laughrey, A. Kornacki
The Thermal Effect of Emeishan Large Igneous Province to the Hydrocarbon Maturation in the Sichuan Basin, SW China
X. Liu*, N. Qiu
Detection of High-Maturity Seeps in the Caribbean
J. Dahl*, M. Moldowan
Assessing Charge Risk in the Perdido Fold Belt Through Petroleum System Modeling Techniques
P. Wojciak, F. Rodriguez, M. Callies, F. Medelllin*
Structure Thrust Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Evaluation of The Sierra Madre Oriental Fold-Belt in Southern Mexico
I. Olvera-Barroso*, L. Salomon, R. Peterson, M. Aranda-García, V. Ramírez-Soria
Thin Skin Fold Belt Structural Style in the Argentinean - Bolivian Subandean Foothills the Madrejones anticline example
J. Iñigo*, A. Disalvo, M. Iribarne, J. Reynaldi
Challenges in Finding Structured Fractured Reservoirs in Complex Thrust Belts Systems: a Drilling Case in the Southern Subandean Belt in Bolivia.
O. De Mena, D. Peña, M. Bonora, J. Olaya, W. Gil, R. Limachi, G. Victor Higo, T. Zapata, G. Zamora*
Several Oil Water Contacts and Different Hydrocarbon Types in the Capachos Anticline, Why? What Does It Mean for the Prospectivity in the Structure? A Perspective From the Analysis of the Deformation Timing.
I. Quintero Arévalo*, L. Soto, F. Botero, E. Teson, M. Dussan, L. Navarro, C. Quintana
Structure and Orogenic Evolution of the Madre de Dios Fold and Thrust Belt, Southern Peru
C. Hurtado*, P. Baby, C. Ysabel, B. Stephane, V. Willem
Provenance and diagenesis of the sandstones of the Lower Eocene Play Fm. Wilcox, Perdido area
M. Rodriguez*, K. Castillo, O. Hernandez, L. Rosas
Suggested methodology for modeling karst zones in carbonate pre-salt fields, Brazil.
F. Coelho*, A. Velasquez, L. Calizaya, R. Jahnert, L. Neves, M. Pinheiro da Silva, W. Araujo, A. Baez, H. Duque, E. Kinoshita
Understanding the lower Pliocene shallow marine evolution of the Southern Gulf of Mexico under an integrated methodology
H. Torres-Sastre*, J. Cortazar-Velazquez, S. Oseguera-Hernandez, F. Alejandro-Torres, A. Ortega-Nieto, F. Martinez-Torres, R. Peterson, U. Rodriguez
The search for the remaining resources in offshore oil fields - how redevelopment experience can lead to better decisions in exploration
S. Rostirolla*, V. Abreu, A. Picarelli
ExxonMobil and the Guyana/Suriname Basin: Prospecting and Exploration in a Prolific Play
M. Widmer*, L. Wilson
Evidence for clastic sediment input into Trujillo Basin, key element for de-risking exploration targets
K. Castillo*, D. MacConnell, A. Ulincy, E. Maili
Untapped Stratigraphic Trap Definition in the Sureste Basin, Offshore Mexico
K. Rodriguez*, N. Hodgson
Go Deeper: The Forgotten Southern Santos Basin Post-Salt Oilfields
M. Rocha Mello*, M. Moldowan, J. Dahl, P. Parra
Correcting for Near-Surface Velocity Variation in Seismic Depth Imaging Using Model Moveout (MMO)
T. MacArthur*, R. Vestrum, G. Cameron
FWI and RTM to Improve Seismic Imaging in Colombias Sinu San Jacinto Basin
T. Fieseler*, E. Schuenemann, S. Arevalo, H. Acevedo, P. Heredia
Application of the in-house PSDM + VMB Methodology at the Colombian Eastern Foothills: case study and lessons learned based on recent well drilling results
S. Ibanez*, F. Vivas, P. Castano Giraldo, E. Estevez, C. Becerra
Seismic In Over Thrust Environment; Bolivia Example
J. Olaya*, O. De Mena, A. Elsabaa
Iteratively Applied CNNs for Fault Tracking
J. Lomask*, S. Chambers