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AAPG International Pavilion

Step Into the World of Global Energy Opportunities by Visiting the Aapg International Pavilion (IP)

One of the highlights of AAPG ICE 2022 will be the International Pavilion (IP) Theater. The IP is a worldwide showcase for NOCs, ministries, and government agencies promoting a broad spectrum of energy opportunities. Once dedicated almost exclusively to oil and gas opportunities, IP presentations now feature geothermal, mineral resources, hydrogen, renewable energy generation projects, and government strategies for moving toward a low carbon economy.

AAPG ICE 2022 attendees will be able to review a host of energy opportunities and network directly with representatives from the countries who know the geology and opportunities in detail. Expect to come away with heightened insight into current and future global trends and the inside track on where the best opportunities can be found.

In addition to the traditional exhibition of countries the IP will be hosting a dedicated IP Theatre within the IP area on the ICE Exhibition floor.

Check back for the IP Theatre Schedule and list of exhibitors.

Plan now to visit the International Pavilion at AAPG ICE!