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Morning Oral Presentations

The prolific Guyana-Guinea-Bahamas petroleum province: Reconstructing a Superbasin
J. Teasdale*, T. Debacker
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Bolivian Madre de Dios Basin
F. Schneider*, R. Mayta, S. Rousse, J. Gutierrez, D. Thomas
Multi – basin look at the Oligo – Neogene carbonate play in the South Caribbean margin of South America
J. Arminio*, C. Giraldo, M. Sanchez
Guajira Interior Rift Basin and the Iguana Rift: Two New Prospective Petroleum Provinces Along the Offshore Caribbean of Colombia.
J. Londoño*, E. Lopez-Ramos, L. Duarte, F. Gonzalez-Penagos, O. Marín, F. Cañon, P. Porras
Insights into Geological Framework of Northeastern South America: Implications to Petroleum System and Opportunity Assessments
M. Sanchez*
Bottom Current Re-worked Turbidites of the Sinu Basin, Colombia Offshore, SW Caribbean
N. Khan*, D. Reed, N. Auchter
Bottom Currents Cycles in the Coniacian-Campanian Galembo Formation, The Luna Sea (Colombia): Sedimentology and Ichnology as Response to Deposit Mechanisms for Reoxygenation of the Sediment-Water Interface in an Oxygen-Deficient Epicontinental Sea
G. Mendoza-Rodriguez*, O. Romero-Ballen, A. Delgado, M. Paez, C. Dávila, A. Fuenzalida
Bottom-current Sediments: A New Prospective Opportunity In Colombian Caribbean Offshore.
O. Marín*, P. Correa
Defining submarine fan deposits from core data – An interpretation of the Paleocene-Eocene San Cayetano Formation, San Jacinto Fold Belt (SJFB), NW Colombia.
J. Carvajalino Pérez*, R. Ramírez, G. Veloza, J. Mora Bohórquez, M. Cerón
Quantifying Reservoir Properties at Outcrops: Geometric Applications of DOM-Based Projections.
M. Baquero, G. Bayona*
Karst zones characterization in the Pre-Salt carbonate reservoirs - Santos Basin, Brazil
L. Neves*, R. Jahnert, L. Calizaya, W. Araujo, M. Pinheiro da Silva, H. Duque, F. Coelho, A. Velasquez
Gas Geochemistry as Complementary Technology to Understand the Petroleum System in Complex Petroliferous Basins: Examples from Offshore and Onshore Brazil and Colombia.
M. Rocha Mello*, P. Parra
Analysis of salt-sediment interplay and its implications for structural hydrocarbon trap geometries in Southern Gulf of Mexico
U. Rodriguez*, J. Ruiz, L. Salomon, R. Peterson
Three-dimensional interaction between detachment folds, thrust faults, and salt diapirs: examples from the Sureste Basin, offshore Mexico
M. Rowan*, J. Muñoz, E. Roca, O. Ferrer, P. Santolaria, P. Granado, M. Snidero
Role of shale tectonics in the variation of the structural style in the Sinú Offshore basin, Colombia
J. Muñoz-Barrera*, A. Pardo Trujillo
Role of salt detachment in the fold belt of the axial zone of the Eastern Cordillera, Northern Andes
J. Ruiz Amaya*, A. Teixell
Structural and Stratigraphic Seismic Interpretation Associated With Diapirism, Northeast Mexico
I. Canales-García*
Structural evolution and charge of the San Francisco oil field, Upper Magdalena Valley. A kinematic history unraveled with a unique seismic record of unconformities related with different tectonic events.
A. Rosero*, M. Carrero, C. Ceballos, A. Mora
Styles of basement involved deformation in the Castilla and Chichimene oil fields and adjacent trend: Key elements to understand the recent discoveries in the area.
J. Ortiz Quiros, A. Mora*, J. Martinez, J. Gelvez, A. Valencia, O. Sanchez, Y. Estevez, C. Restrepo, S. Córsico
Quaternary kinematics and deformation rates along the Llanos Foothills thrust system. Impacts for the segmentation of faulting and folding, and the distribution of hydrocarbon accumulations.
G. Veloza*, M. Taylor, A. Mora
Vertical-axis Block Rotations in an Oblique Convergent Margin. 3D Seismic Examples from Bahia Basin, Offshore Colombian Caribbean
P. Galindo*
Updated age, amounts of extension and structural styles of rifting in the Colombian Eastern Cordillera.
A. Mora*, M. Reyes, I. Higuera, G. Manatschal, V. Caballero, V. Valencia
Structural Styles along the Andes: An Overview
G. Zamora*, A. Mora
Petroleum potential and structural styles of the Central Colombian Eastern Foothills. A successful case study of exploration in complex contractional settings.
M. Patino*, J. Martinez, P. Castano Giraldo, A. Mora, E. Teson, L. Soto
Geometrical and kinematic analysis of the Mesozoic extension in the Western Foothills of the Eastern Cordillera and Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia
M. Reyes*, J. Kley, A. Mora, J. Carvajal-Torres
Corrections And Extensions to the GRI Technique: Dual Imbibition, NMR, and SEM Image Analysis.
C. Palencia*, L. Hathon, M. Myers
Characterization of unconventional reservoirs using rock physics and drill cuttings.
R. Ahmadov*, F. Allo
Integrated reservoir characterization of an unconventional reservoir in the Catatumbo Basin, Colombia
F. A. Lozano*, D. Delucchi, A. Lasso, N. Marfisi, N. Rubio, M. Segovia, T. Juliao Lemus, I. Acosta
Organic porosity study from Late Cretaceous source rocks in The Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia
M. Segovia*, T. Juliao Lemus, M. Robayo, N. Marfisi
Why core matters in the integrated characterization of unconventional shale reservoirs? a case study from the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia
N. Rubio, F. A. Lozano, A. Prada*, J. Riaño
Vaca Muerta High-resolution Stratigraphic Framework for Improved Landing Zone Prediction
H. Reijenstein*, K. Anis, D. Sotelo, R. Wilson, W. Brinkworth, J. Vargas
Migration Routes: A new target for Unconventional Exploration. Insights from the Montney Play of Western Canada.
T. Euzen*, N. Watson, A. Cui, J. Wilson, D. Cronkwright
Major and Trace Element Concentrations in Organic Rich Shale Deposits, A review of the Paleo-Redox conditions during the accumulation of the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma.
C. Molinares-Blanco*
Effect of Estimated Geomechanical Properties using Seismic Inversion for Well Planning: Comparison of Simultaneous and Facies-Based Inversions in an Unconventional Reservoir
J. Aristimuno*, J. Fernandez-Concheso, Y. Del Moro
High resolution 3D static modeling applied to unconventional resources. A case study from the Argentinian Patagonia
J. Vargas*, D. Vallejo, E. Lombardo, E. Rives, R. Wilson, M. Sullivan
Geology of Economic Natural Lithium Deposits
C. de los Hoyos*
Technical Evaluation of Lithium Brine Deposits – A Structured Approach
M. Rosko*

Afternoon Oral Presentations

Tectono-Stratigraphic Modelling of Reservoir Rock Units: A case study of South Lake Albert Basin, Albertine Rift, Western Uganda.
W. Tumushabe*
An Approach to Integrate Petrophysical and Rock Physics Modeling for Hydraulic Stimulation
J. Salazar Rodriguez*, C. Rabe, A. Rodriguez Papa
Tracing Stratigraphic Surfaces in the Cretaceous “La Luna Formation”
M. Paez-Reyes*, O. Romero-Ballen, G. Mendoza-Rodriguez, A. Delgado, M. Cantisano, C. Dávila, F. Pastor, J. Ortiz
Conceptualization Of Dual Boosting Esps Completion In Field Ayatsil, Marine Region of Mexico
S. Sandoval Perez*, M. Treviño, E. Hernandez, L. Lopez
Fracture Prediction in Thrustbelt Reservoirs; Lessons from Cusiana and Florena-Moro-Pauto Fields, Eastern Cordillera of Colombia
M. Nemcok*, A. Mora, A. Henk
Automated quantification of fault shape and optimisation of kinematic parameters in modelling fold and thrust belt deformation
M. Valcárcel*, C. Reilly
An example of DFN modeling in the Bolivia Sub-Andean Fold and Thrust Belt for near-field exploration
C. Moore, D. Peña, P. Vieira, C. Restrepo*, S. Fontenla, S. Córsico, T. Zapata
Testing the role of different tectonic models to predict pore pressure and temperatures based on basin modelling procedures.
A. Mora*, E. Cristallini, F. Sanchez, J. Hernandez, J. Nigro, D. Balciunas, V. Riguete, O. Pla, G. Camelo
Overpressure in the Sinú Offshore basin, Knowledge and uncertainties
D. Mateus*, M. Garcia, L. Montilla
Leveraging seismic inversions and novel geologic modeling workflows to enable rapid development of Guyana’s resource
J. Simo*, M. McGlashan
Optimizing Seismic Inversion Results Through Fully Seismic Driven Background Models Generation
B. De Ribet, G. González*, H. Vera
Application and Use of Seismically Derived Sequence Stratigraphic Framework in High Resolution Rock Properties and Fluids Inversion
A. Mustaqeem*, V. Baranova, T. Salinas
DHI assessment in carbonate Pre-Salt reservoirs
A. Velasquez*, R. Zavala, J. Rodriguez, L. Calizaya, E. Leao