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Morning Oral Presentations

Join us for the Wednesday morning Forums and Special Sessions listed under the Program Tab.

Afternoon Oral Presentations

CBM, Source Rock Reservoirs and Offshore Potential of Colombian Basins: insights from the updated version of the Atlas of Organic Geochemistry of Colombia.
R. Aguilera*, L. Sarmiento, C. Peñafort, D. Torres, N. Becerra, G. Villafrade, L. Cardona, C. Rey
Advanced Geochemical Technologies (AGTs) That Have Been Applied in Colombia and in Worldwide Exploration
M. Moldowan*, J. Dahl
Carbon Isotopic Fractionation of Gaseous Hydrocarbons: a Tool for the Determination of the Extent of Bacterial Gas Mixing in the Natural Gases of KG Basin, India
U. Singh*, H. Pande, M. Janardhanan
Characterization of Severe Biodegradation in Crude Oils Using High Resolution Geochemistry
M. Jimenez*, J. Orrego-Ruiz, F. Rojas-Ruiz, H. Pu
Geochemical characterization of natural gas and water released by mud diapirs in the Caribbean Colombia and its correlation with the Caribbean deformed belt and the petroleum systems
F. Gonzalez-Penagos*, E. Lopez-Ramos, N. Moreno
Source-To-Sink: Tectonic Forcing and Catchment Evolution in the southern Caribbean Basin. Stratigraphic Forward Modeling, Sandstone Porosity, and Compositional Uncertainty
L. Duarte*, E. Lopez-Ramos, F. Cañon, J. Londoño, B. Prather
Integrated Source-to-Sink assessment of the Argentinean South Atlantic Margin
J. Lovecchio*, E. A. Rojas Vera, O. Silio, F. Spath, S. Arismendi, S. Rohais, S. Konig, N. Bolatti
The Present is not Always the Key to the Past: Exploring and Modeling the Cenozoic Endorheic Fluvial Systems of the Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia
X. Roca*, K. Wikel
Provenance reconstruction case study for the Guyana-Suriname Basins – new insights
P. van Heiningen*, N. Kaymakci
Provenance of the Springhill Formation in the Austral/Magallanes and Malvinas basins from detrital zircon geochronology
J. Lovecchio*, M. Naipauer
A New Interpretation of the Formation of the Gulf of Guayaquil and Its Impact on the Configuration of the NW Peru Basins.
D. Flores*
A Review of the Tectonic Evolution and its Impact on the Distribution and Potential of Petroleum Provinces of the Gulf of Mexico
L. Salomon*, L. Aguilera-Gomez
A New Deformable Plate Model for the Nova Scotia-Morocco Conjugate Margin and its Implication for the Opening of the Central Atlantic.
R. Whittaker*, B. Ady
Tectonostratigraphy and gas potential of the South Caribbean offshore region of Colombia
D. Iaffa*, J. Llinas, E. Rueda, H. Rivera, D. Izquierdo, A. Prada, C. Sotelo, M. Serrano
Structural Interpretation of the Guajira Offshore Basin. Implications On Hydrocarbon Exploration.
J. Ramon*, A. PABLOS, V. Ramirez, A. Fuenzalida, M. Cerón
Petroleum Geology of the Sinu Basin, Deepwater Offshore Colombia
D. Reed*, N. Khan
Mass Transport Complex Characterization Offshore Colombia and its implication for the geological top seal risk
K. Castillo*, E. Maili, W. Ball
Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Inverted Lithotypes Distribution in a Lower Miocene Turbidite Channel Complex, Salina del Istmo Basin for Appraisal Purposes.
O. Machado P, P. Vieira, E. Aguilera, M. Gonzalez Quijano*
Reservoir characterization using direct probabilistic inversion: case studies
R. Cova*, E. Mutual, A. Mills, H. Hansen, A. Jakobsen, R. Ross, W. Pardasie
Innovative Workflow for Prospect Definition and Evaluation in a Stratigraphically Trapped Reservoir, an application in an Area in the Middle Magdalena Valley.
E. Illidge*, M. Stifano, L. Figuera, O. Moreno, Y. Blanco, A. Ramirez, J. Arias
Exploring in the Trujillo Basin, offshore Peru, by use of Seismic QI and Rock Physics Modeling
E. Maili*
DAS on Hybrid Logging Cable: Changing the Status Quo of Borehole Seismic Acquisition
H. Duque*, D. Morales, M. Useche, A. Martinez, D. Sanchez
Detecting the depletion around fractures using common drilling data.
K. Wutherich*, W. Katon, J. Glascock, B. Sinosic
Evaluating the Effect of Reservoir Quality on Stage-by-Stage Forecasted Production along Multi Fractured Horizontal Wells: A Case Study from the Montney Formation, Canada
D. Becerra*, C. Clarkson, A. Ghanizadeh, R. Pires de Lima, F. Tabasinejad, Z. Zhang, A. Trivedi, R. Shor
Data-driven Kerogen Kinetics from Rock-Eval data of the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia. Implications on the prospectivity of unconventionals.
R. Aguilera*
Imbibition Studies in Unconventional Reservoirs : Insights into Origins of High Salinity Flow Back Water
C. Palencia*, L. Hathon, M. Myers
Fracture Characterization and Evaluation: From The Wellbore Into The Far Field Using Sonic Imaging.
M. Useche*, E. Arteaga, C. Duran, C. Hincapie
Deploying Petroleum Play-Based Exploration methodologies for Carbon Storage site characterization
K. Casey*, K. Schofield
Advanced Numerical Modeling of CO2 Storage in a Challenging Reef System
J. Moortgat*, D. James
Estimation of Geological Storage Capacity of CO2: Regional Pilot in the Central Sector of the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin
C. Cardozo, E. Lopez-Ramos, L. Suarez*, C. Patiño, A. Ortiz-Karpf
The Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership: Accelerating Commercial Decarbonization of the Western United States
R. Balch*, B. McPherson, G. El-Kaseeh, R. Esser
Applying data mining techniques for the estimation of the CO2 storage capacity of the Irati Formation, Paraná Basin (Brazil)
S. San Martín Cañas*, N. Weber, H. De Vasconcellos Rocha, R. Abraham-A, C. Gaeta Tassinari
Physics embedded machine learning for producer to injector conversion optimization in a mature waterflood.
J. Rafiee, C. Calad Serrano*, P. Sarma, S. Plotno, F. Gutierrez
Development of a Global Reservoir Recovery Factor Predictive Model Combining a Novel Machine Learning Technique and Reservoir Complexity Index
C. Rodriguez*, H. Tabatabaie, I. Olea, T. Funke
Interactively Predicting Faults Using a 2D CNN and a Base Solution generated by a 3D CNN
S. Chambers*, J. Lomask
Computer vision applied to the detection of drilling cavings in a laboratory setting
C. Herrera Quintero*, H. Alvarez Crispiniano, H. Mantilla Hernández, C. López Suarez, O. Olejua Santos, H. Garcia Arenas, R. Corzo Rueda