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ICE On-Demand Discussion Forums

In addition to the video collection, ICE On Demand includes access to two discussion forums, interactive sessions that give attendees the opportunity to meet on-demand program presenters, ask questions, and share their perspectives. Forums will be held on Friday, 10 June, on Structural Geology, and on Friday, 17 June on Offshore Exploration.

We suggest you to watch the 10 presentations in the each topic before connecting to the forum.

Structural Geology Discussion Forum

Friday, 10 June 2022, 9:00-10:30 am COT (GMT -5)

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Offshore Exploration Discussion Forum

Friday, 17 June 2022, 9:00-10:30 am COT (GMT -5)

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Barbados 2022 Offshore Licensing Round
J. White*
Emerging Energy and Exploration Opportunities in Belize
R. Thompson*
Global Energy Opportunities, ENVOI
M. Riddle*
Moroccan HC Exploration Opportunities in the Spotlight
M. Amine Manar*
The Future of Northwest Producing Blocks in Peru
A. Quispe*
New Opportunities for Oil and Gas Exploration in Poland: Licensing Rounds, Tender Areas and Future Challenges
J. Zacharski*
Trinidad and Tobago Competitive Bidding Rounds 2022
T. Balkeran*
Open Uruguay Round – Energy Opportunities Offshore Uruguay
S. Ferro*
Nova Scotia, Canada: Research, Innovations, and Energy Potential
N. Morrison*
South Africa’s Current Offshore and Onshore Exploration Opportunities and Activities
S. Wela*
National Regulatory Agency Forum
S. Chairs*, A. Zamora, M. Abelha, A. Karg
Opening Ceremony
.. Organizing Committee*
National Oil Company (NOC) Forum
S. Chairs*, F. Bayon, M. Abrao, S. Affronti, A. Jagesar

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Negative Inversion in Folded Belts: an Underappreciated Structural Process?
G. Tari*
Seismic Interpretation and Trap Definition Challenges in the Southern Subandean Fold and Thrust Belt of Bolivia
O. Vidal-Royo*, D. Menzoza Ticona, G. Beccar Montaño
The Gulf of Suez - Northern Red Sea Rift System - Templates for Rift Systems and for the Initiation of Passive Margins
K. McClay*, S. Khalil, B. Bosworth
Strong Strike-Slip Deformation as Seen in New 3D Data in the Pre-Salt of the Santos Basin – Petroleum Potential
P. Zalan*, E. Newman, M. Saunders
Regional Pore Pressure Forward Modelling: study case in a compressive area, Eastern Foothills, Colombia.
A. Roa*, L. Montilla, R. Corzo Rueda, D. Vargas, E. Teson, S. Ibanez, J. Arias, J. Castellanos, J. Garzon
The Boomerang Hills (Bolivia): Example of Thin- to Thick-skinned Tectonics Transition and Inherited Structure Effects
H. Uzkeda*, M. Bulnes, J. Poblet, G. Zamora
Syn-Rift Tectonics and Kinematics of Santos and Campos Basins, Offshore Brazil: Primary Control on the Pre-Salt Structural Architecture
L. Magnavita*, N. Dehler
Structural model and kinematic analysis of the La Cira Basement-high, Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia.
M. Reyes*, J. Kley, A. Mora, D. Bello-Palacios, A. Vargas, J. Carvajal-Torres, J. Osorno
The role of inherited rift structures in controlling the architecture and evolution of contractional belts
G. Manatschal*, A. Mora
Deep Waters of Pará-Maranhão and Pelotas Basins in Brazil – So far Away from Each Other, so Similar in Petroleum Geology and Potential
P. Zalan*, M. Saunders, E. Newman, J. Erickson
Offshore Colombia: Crustal Structure and Evidence of Intra-Plate Spreading in the Central Caribbean
K. Reuber*, A. Goswami, C. Campbell
A Geodynamic view of world-class deep-water oil provinces associated with Transform Marginal Plateaus in South America
R. Matos*
Seal Risk Analysis Caribe Sur (Colombia-offshore).
M. Garcia*, R. Zavala, L. Montilla, S. Montoya, D. Mateus, A. Velasquez, L. Figuera
Sediment Fairways and Gross Depositional Environments for the Cretaceous of the Guyana-Suriname Offshore Basin, Implications for Petroleum Systems.
M. Pereira*, M. Ragazzi, E. Tudisca
The Argentine Basin and the earliest record of post-breakup tectonics and stratigraphy of the SW South Atlantic
P. Kress*, E. A. Rojas Vera, F. Spath
The Structure and Deformation of Accretionary Foldbelts in offshore Colombia: New Insights from Regional Reprocessed Data in the Caribbean
A. Goswami*, K. Reuber, C. Campbell
Tectonic Impact on the Topset Architecture Across a Segment of the Paleo-Orinoco Shelf, Trinidad
A. Osman*, R. Steel, R. Ramsook
Characterization from Wheeler diagrams of the petroleum system in the north offshore of Argentina
F. Pagan*, S. Arismendi, J. Lovecchio, O. Silio, T. D'Biassi, M. Pascariello, N. Bolatti
Sedimentary Characteristics of Flood Overlake in Faulted Lacustrine Basin——A Case Study of Paleogene in Dongying Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
J. Liu*, C. Lin, X. Zhang, Z. Zhang, Z. Shen
Counterclockwise Migration of River Flow Direction Triggered by Localized Rotation of Fault Block- A Case Study from the Kendong Uplift in Bohai Bay Basin, China
Y. Wang*, Y. Jiang, S. Gong
Late Mesozoic eolian dunes and reconstruction of paleo-wind belts in Central Asia
X. Guan*, C. Wu
Risk Analysis of Petroleum System Elements- Case Study: Cuenca Argentina Norte 2D Petroleum System Modelling, Offshore Argentina.
M. Pascariello*, I. Brisson, O. Silio, J. Lovecchio, S. Arismendi
The Pannonian Back-Arc Basin Complex: an Overview
G. Tari*
Agent-Based Modeling for Secondary Hydrocarbon Migration – A Wessex Basin Case Study
A. Kreiensiek*, Q. Corlay, B. Steffens, T. Wagner, V. Demyanov
Integrated Characterization And Modeling To Develop And Explore Marrat Formation In Abduliyah And Dharif Fields, West Kuwait
F. Ben Amor*, F. Alfailakawi, A. El Araby
Organic Geochemistry and Depositional Environment of the Source Rocks in the Qikou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China
X. Liu*, G. Liu*, Z. Song
Understanding the Hydrocarbon Generation Potentials of Cretaceous Source Rocks on the Eastern Benin (Dahomey) Basin, Southwestern Nigeria: A Two-Dimensional Basin Modeling Approach
O. Ehinola, O. Oluwajana*, A. Opatola, O. Adamolekun, O. Ndukwe, G. Olawuyi, C. Ofiwe, T. Bolaji, B. Adebambo, L. University of Ibadan
Origin and Evolution of Overpressure in Jurassic in the Hinterland of the Junggar Basin, NW China
Z. Han*, H. Liu, H. ZHan*g
Paleosalinity of Shahejie Formation, Qikou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China
X. Liu*, G. Liu*, Z. Song
Revealing Biogenic Gas Province in Central Sumatra Basin
A. Setiawan*, F. Rachman
Thermal transformation of organic-inorganic sulfur and hydrogen sulfide formation in high sulfur-containing lacustrine shale during semi-open pyrolysis
W. Ma*
Application of Digital Rock Physics to Analysis of the Effects of Diagenesis on Petrophysical Properties
Y. Wu*, K. Liu, C. Lin, C. Dong
Clastic Reservoir Characterization from Log-while-drilling Dual-physical Imager in Oil-based Mud System
S. Yang*, C. Shrivastava
Controls on Deposition and Reservoir Character of the Miocene Cicuco Field, NW Colombia: A Low-latitude Shallow-water Transitional Carbonate System
A. Torres-Zamora*, D. Ortega-Ariza, E. Franseen, G. Veloza, H. Caycedo, J. Mora Bohórquez
Porosity Characterization of Travertines as Analogs of the Campos Basin in Brazilian Pre-Salt
A. Rios*, K. Laboratory for Oil Reservoirs, A. Batezelli, R. Barros Zanoni Lopes Moreno
The Influence of Silica on Pre-Salt Carbonate Reservoirs from the Mero Field (Santos Basin, Brazil): a Petrographic and Well-log Approach
C. Ribeiro*, J. Favoreto, G. Pires, F. Neves, G. Raitz, M. Arena, H. Santos, P. Coelho, L. Borghi
Reservoir Characterization and Production Controlling Factor Analysis by Advanced Logging While Drilling Data for Challenging High Temperature Offshore Condensate Gas Fields
Y. Cui, X. Liao, P. Wang, Y. Wang, F. Wu*, S. Li, X. Zhou, L. Cai
From reference case modelling to multi-realisation modelling: Fast Model Update (FMU)
G. Matos*, D. Vasconcelos, I. Troth, K. Glitz, E. Teran, K. Juk
Net Sand Distribution of the Pliocene Forest Formation Topsets, Southern Basin, Trinidad.
C. Carr*
Unlocking Basement Reservoir Play Concept of Musi High and The Giant Prospect of South Palembang Sub Basin in South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia.
S. Syefriyandi*, A. Inabuy, M. Alfatih, A. Wahyu, W. Prihantono, Y. Risnandar, N. Muhammad
Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of a Gas and Condensate accumulation in the Boicobo Structure (Northwest of Margarita–Huacaya Field) in the Southern Sub-Andean Zone of Bolivia
D. Peña*, C. Moore, A. Martin Monge, M. Moron, C. Restrepo, S. Córsico, T. Zapata
Estimation of recoverable oil related to the concentration of the porous medium in naturally fractured carbonate reservoirs in a case study
F. López-Rabatté*, J. Ríos-López, J. Hernández, G. Hernández, Z. Vera
Low-angle Extensional Faults on Passive Margins - Comparative Examples from Australian Passive Margins and the South China Sea
K. McClay*, H. Deng
The Kuqa Fold-and-Thrust Belt: Geometry of a Deformed Multilayered System Involving Coal and Salt Décollements. Results from Analogue Modelling
O. Pla*, E. Izquierdo-Llavall, E. Roca, O. Ferrer, Ò. Gratacós, J. Muñoz
The characteristics of natural open fractures in the pre-salt reservoirs of the Barra Velha Formation, Santos Basin, Brazil.
O. Wennberg*, F. De Oliveira Ramalho, M. Virgolino Mafia, F. Lapponi, A. Chandler, L. Gomez Cartesio
Completion and Wellbore Geomechanics in High Stress Settings – A Case Study from the Vaca Muerta Shale
J. McKenna*, R. Ehlich
Fracture Probability Factor for Quantifying Rock Deformation
Z. Alkhadrawi*, A. Theyab
Influence of Sedimentary Patterns and Diagenetic Characteristics to the Oil Production, Eocene Kumaza Formation in the Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico
J. Rios Lopez*, A. Cantu-Chapa
Linking the Pressure Behavior with Geological Features in the Oil Zone and Incorporated Aquifer in an Offshore Carbonate Reservoir, México
J. Rios Lopez, F. López-Rabatté*, I. HERNÁNDEZ-CANO, E. Denogean
A Workflow for Accurate Seismic Re-Depthing with Alternative Anisotropic Velocity Models in Structurally Complex Areas
E. Menyoli*
Gas diffusion in a range of natural geomedia: Sample size and saturation effects
X. Yuan*, Q. Hu
Advanced analytics methods in seismic characterization: Teapot Dome Case Study
V. Perez*, F. Melo
Fracture Prediction of Carbonate Karst Reservoir Based on Anisotropy of PP-Wave and PS-Wave
H. Wang*, K. Chen, Q. Chen, J. Gao, Z. Yang
Improve the Accuracy of Channel Sand Reservoir Identification by Using the Amplitude Difference Between PP- and PS-Wave
Q. Chen*, H. Wang, J. Gao, X. Guo, Z. Yang
Identification of intrusive body geometries from 3D seismic in a Pre-salt carbonate field, Santos Basin, offshore Brazil
F. Neves*, C. Ribeiro, J. Favoreto, G. Raitz, M. Arena, P. Coelho, J. Santos, H. Santos, L. Borghi
Improving seismic detection and resolution: spectral decomposition and extrapolation
C. Puryear*, V. Egorov, R. Tharimela
Utilizing Borehole Images to Mitigate the Data Resolution Bind Spot of Subsurface Unconventional Reservoir Characterization
A. Wray*, E. Haddad, E. Arteaga, J. Herrera
Modeling and Characterization of Multimineral and Multiscale Digital Rocks of Shale Samples
Y. Wu*, K. Liu, C. Lin, C. Dong
Comparative determination of In-situ oil content in shale oil plays
J. Li*, M. Wang, L. Xu, S. Lu
Leveraging “Res-Frack Analog” Insights From the Eagle Ford to Optimize Development of Jafurah Basin Shales in Saudi Arabia
J. Eleson*, M. Whitney
Venezuela as a Case Study: a short-term Roadmap for a Sustainable Future.
M. Mijares*, E. Darriba, G. Valdez, M. Delepiani
A Fracture Characterization Case Study from the Utah FORGE Enhanced Geothermal System Project, Utah, U.S.A.
A. Wray, J. Herrera*, J. McLennan, J. Moore, P. Xing, A. Finnila, E. Arteaga, E. Borchardt
Underground Natural Gas Storage: Evaluation of a Depleted Gas Reservoir – Rayoso Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
M. Perissé*, R. Ferreyro Elizondo, M. Faviana, M. David, L. Constanzo, P. Vázquez, Á. Pose, D. Hryb, E. Díaz
Integration of Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration to Develop A Sustainable Carbon Economy in India : A Review
P. Mitra*, S. Patel, R. Sampath Reddy, O. Shaukat
Unconventional lithium play in the Neuquina Basin-Argentina: Potential resources of lithium from oil field brines.
R. Gutierrez*, G. Vergani, G. de la Hoz
Radiometric mapping for coltan prospection in shallow alluvial deposits using in situ gamma ray spectrometry with NaI detector
E. Darriba*, H. Barros
Acquisition of Critical Minerals in the United States to Fuel the Energy Transition, Analysis of the Bear Lodge Carbonatite and Associated Alkaline Silicate Rocks, Crook County, Wyoming, United States
M. Bingle-Davis*
Lithium Isotopes and Geochemical Analysis in the Exploration of Salar Brine Aquifers
W. Rojas*, R. Alonso
Reservoir Characterization and Fluid Identification of the Complex Aluminiferous Rock Series Using Advanced Logging Technologies, Ordos Basin
Y. Hou, Y. Wu*, X. Yang, F. Wu*, X. Liu, H. Li, J. Wu*, X. Zhao, S. Li, X. Gu
Using AI Tools to Fill Gaps in an Incomplete Well Log Database
H. Uzkeda*
Recognition of Deep-Water Deposits Using Machine Learning / Deep Learning Routines. (Colombia-offshore).
M. Garcia*, A. Velasquez, L. Figuera
Development of Python-Based Reservoir Simulator and Validation by Using Commercial CMG Simulator
D. Joshi*, P. Sharma, A. Mishra, A. Sharma, A. Mishra
Assisted 3d Model Construction And Facies Propagation In Golfo San Jorge Basin Reservoirs For Modelling Eor
J. Llanes*, A. Viñales, J. Juri, M. Grinberg